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Internship Report
Loan Processing, Credit Appraisal, Follow-Up &Recovery
Procedure of IFIC Bank Limited

Internship Report
Loan Processing, Credit Appraisal, Follow–up &
Recovery Procedure
IFIC Bank Limited
Prepared For:
Mohammad Tanvi Newaz
Assistant Professor,
BRAC Business School
BRAC University

Prepared By
Nafisa Marzan
ID: 10304087
BRAC Business School
Major in HRM & Finance
BBA (Summer 2014)

Date of Submission: 10September, 2014

Letter of Transmittal
Date: 18th September, 2014
Mohammad Tanvi Newaz
Assistant Professor, and
Coordinator, MBA Program
BRAC Business School
BRAC University
Subject: Submission of Internship Report on “Loan Processing, Credit Appraisal, Follow – up& Recovery
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As a student of BBA Program, Internship is one of the most important partial requirements of the total courses four years BBA program. In this regard I would like to thank all the faculties of
BRAC University who helps me to finish my courses. This is a synopsis of my recent study on
“Loan Processing, Credit Appraisal & Follow –Up Recovery Procedure of IFIC Bank Limited” as a part of the internship report program.
I would like to thank my honorable teacher and internship supervisor Md. Tanvi Newaz,
Assistant Professor, BRAC Business School, BRAC University, for his kind guidance and support in the preparation of this report. I will remain indebted to him for the valuable suggestions and the time he has given in supervising my work on report. I am very much thankful to him because without his support and suggestion my effort would not be materialized.
I feel myself very lucky to be in touch of his great faculty. I also thank all the staffs of this department for their sincere support.
I would also like to acknowledge my appreciation toward MD Mehboob Alam Chowdhury
(SAVP) senior assistant Vice president of IFIC Bank, Kawran Bazar Branch for being patient and supporting me throughout my 3 months long program.My peers and colleagues at the bank had also been very kind and helpful and they made my internship a more comfortable one. I would like to specially thank Bohnni Saha (Credit

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