Polyfarm Summary

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Michael Pollan article refers to his experience on the Polyfarm and its complex way of operating. Pollan never really stats that factory farms should be abolished but he does make an argument for why Polyface farm is more logically and sustainable.

Pollon discuses the differences between factory farming and Polyface farming in logic. Factory farming is production of a single animal or crop better know as monoculture (Pollon, 377). When there is a chicken factory farm it can only produce chickens. For this farm to feed the large amount of boilers they must give unnatural feed for them to consume. This genetically engineered feed is meant to keep the chickens safe from disease caused by the chickens being close together (Pollon, 376-377).
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At factory farms there is only one animal. Every by-product from that animal is gone to waste. The chickens at the farm are feed grains, the chickens defecate. The feces is cleaned up by humans and the cycle is repeated Pollan, 377). At factory farms individuals are needed without humans the farm would crumble (Pollan, 380). At Polyface farms nothing goes to waste. Everything at the farm works together and allows for harmony. The cows dung has insects, the chickens eat the insects. The chickens and cows feces brings nutrients to the grass. The grass in turn feeds the chickens and cows, and the cycle repeats (Pollan, 375). Polyface farm is an ecosystem which allows it to be sustainable (Pollan, 376). Without human beings factory farms would not exist. There is no sustainable in one species alone. Every species needs help from something and in this case chickens need cows.

The author Pollan stats how and why Polyface farm is more logical and sustainable then factory farms. Factory farms are monoculture which allows diseases to spread rapidly. Polyface Farm does not have the worry about disease because all those problems are taken care of by other animals symbiosis to one another. The symbiosis creates a sustainable ecosystem that Polyface Farm has but factory farms has not. Factory Farms are not sustainable or

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