The Environmental Consequences Of Factory Farming And The Environment

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Despite today’s endless regulations instituted to protect the environment, factory farming is one of the most detrimental industries to the environment. Regulations need to be put into motion for factory farming techniques, especially before it’s too late to save the environment. Not only do the techniques used by factory farming have destructive environmental consequences, but they are also a concern for public health and safety. While other farming practices have detrimental effects on the environment they cannot compare to the massive environmental destruction caused by factory farming. The factory farming industry is destroying the environment, and little has been done to put an end to its destructive techniques. Regulations need to be …show more content…
Land pollution ties into water pollution because the ground absorbs the manure and contaminates any nearby water sources with manure. The Pew Charitable Commission, a non-profit government organization, published a press release on the environmental destroying pollutions caused by factory farming. (“Pew Commission”). The evidence is infinite that the techniques factory farms are using are polluting much of the world’s water and little has been done to regulate the ways factory farms operate to stop any pollution for that matter. With so much manure and only so much land to absorb it there is excess run off that pollutes nearby water sources and is destructive not only that it’s now contaminated water, but aquatic animal life is destroyed (“Pew Commission”). Water is very important to factory farming, it’s a necessity to have clean water to grow the crops to feed the animals and for them to drink, it’s a mystery to why there haven’t been any regulations to stop the water pollution caused by factory farming. The need for regulations is astonishing water pollution destroys more than just having clean waterways but life itself. Simple regulations can put an end to the destruction caused by factory farming without having to close down the whole

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