Essay on The Representative Norms Of Femininity

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The representative norms of femininity is “that we become women naturally through domestic and sexual roles” (Currie, 455). Stereotypes tend to place men in jobs requiring a higher amount of education, or certain level of physical fitness and ability; representing men as warriors and thinkers. Women are expected to work in more sedentary conditions or not work at all in the roles of a nurturer and caregiver. The focus of the final ethnographic research project is to study the social constructs that are broken and formed by the entrance of an increasing percentage of women into the fields of medicine, engineering, and military professions.
Practices related to the gender norms deeply rooted in traditional society can lead to discriminations against the non-stereotypical gender of employees by hiring companies. This kind of discrimination was seen in the research in a new article about women engineers in India (Jayaraman) and in female marines in the USMC (Brownson). However, some women are able to overcome the discrimination and succeed. They then become positive role models and mentors for other women and have caused the current influx of women into male-dominated professions (Richman). The vast majority of the research found represent two very different viewpoints on the gender non-conformity of females in male professions. Either, it is believed that more woman are needed in these fields because women are equally qualified or provide equivalent benefits to the group…

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