The Relationship Between Private Security And Public Police

Register to read the introduction… Most times private security officers are only required to have a one state background check, drug test, and obtain a FOID card. The training that a public police officer must obtain is much more extensive. The typical training and screening usually consists of an extensive background check, psychological exam, physical fitness test, and the applicants must also have a minimum level of college credits. As time has went on private security companies are realizing that the need for better training of the security officers is becoming essential over time. Making sure private security officers are better trained can help the companies to obtain more contracts, and expanding their company to more areas. This will also help the private security industry to compete with the public officers. Public police officers are in a union and are paid by the taxpayer’s money. This reason alone makes it so anything negative that a public officer does he or she will be held accountable. Private security officers can typically perform a negative act without any consequence. Usually a private security officer can usually pass his or her mistake onto the company that he or she works for because of a technicality within the policy and …show more content…
The public police officers can always question, apprehend, and detain a person whether he or she is on public or private grounds. The private security can only perform a citizen’s arrest. They can however search a person without the fear of violating one’s Fifth Amendment rights. Private and Public security can maintain and improve their relationship by understanding the importance and need of each one. Neither public nor private security can keep order and safety without the help of the other. Many times the safety of a person or property may rely on that both private and public security has worked together to crackdown on crime. As one can see both private security and public police are needed to maintain the safety of a community. Without both security teams backing one another, and working together to understand the importance of each other society will not and could not be as safe as it is now.


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