Videos Of Police Brutality

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In the Mother Jones website, the journalist decided to put about thirteen graphic videos of police brutality. “Below are 13 videos of fatal police encounters recorded between March 16,
2014, and April 4, 2015. A majority of the suspects were unarmed” (Vicens). The videos would make anyone cringe about the police force that is being overused in the United States. The worst thing is about the effects that is changing America and dividing us. The Baltimore Riots can be a way society responded to the tragic deaths. However, there are times when police officers are misunderstood and acted correctly. “As he and his partner approached the park they were fired upon by a subject. Officer Hofer was shot and mortally wounded” ("Police Officer David Stefan
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There is a way to make a solution with all the different principles and solutions the
CSGV and the NLEPPGV decided to go through with. So the best decision would be to have everyone to take a rigorous course, mental health tests, as well as having monthly check ups with a Gun Control Association. The Gun Control Association will be made for the close watch on all guns that have been sold and the way they will stay up will be come from all the organizations.
The Gun Control Association would lower the violence in America. The CSGV and the
NLEPPGV was not able to take action and support this Association. So let us work together to get ourselves involved. Do not let two organizations failure on the Gun Control Association affect the issues that are affecting us. We can start our own project and make a change. Start by donating to the Association and find a face and families willing to support our mission. Even bring the police force to see if they will support this. We can end this brutality from both society and the police task force. Once we can do that, we can make the issues with racism in

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