The Reflection Of Teaching HRE To Refugee Students

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This class led me to realise thats it’s not just what you teach but how you teach that is effective to students. This can be done by learning dimensions.
The first learning dimension is knowledge. I will first start the class with simple questions to see how much the kids know or do not know. As the educator, I will be trying to communicate key concepts so students can gain the knowledge. The second learning dimension is skills, skills such as listening so students can take a critical perspective and to reach a better understanding of an issue. In second level schools, skills can be taught through incorporating people to work in teams and to collaborate. I believe as Paul Martin emphasis’s that the use of case studies is useful as it enables
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My group was given the scenario of teaching HRE to refugee children in direct provision. The necessary issues to be aware of was that some of the children may not speak english therefore other communication methods should be sought such as pictures or videos. It was necessary to establish the children’s backgrounds, Paul Martin stresses this in his article that as an educator there is a need to look at power dynamics and ‘asses if students are from cultural backgrounds’; here the children were living in direct provision and may not know any other way of life. My group was conscious of not scaring the kids but we felt there was the need to make the children aware of what was happening and let them know about there human rights. This argument was stressed by Tracey Holland in her article as she gives an example of a girl who's mother has left her ‘This girl is not entirely convinced that her own feelings are a reliable guide, what she desperately needs is to be shown exactly how this true wrong has been constructed’. I also need to look at my background as an educator as my background may be different than others. I should see my difference as positive and recognise every culture is different and try to find some connection with the group. I will also have my own objectives as a teacher, Martins suggest objectives such as ‘to provide for the formal study of human rights norms and human rights thinking’. Similarly, Holland suggests that the aim is ‘to help children see themselves for what they really are: bona fide members of a democratic community’. The overall aim that we wished to achieve was that the children in direct provision become aware of their human rights and to perhaps influence there parents as HRE can cause ripple

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