Reflection Paper About Puzzle

Reflections on Writing
As I bring my third term at Southern New Hampshire University to a close, I have come to realize that writing is a lot like working a jigsaw puzzle. When I first look looked at it, there are pieces everywhere; some were upside down or sideways and there was no structure yet. I had a vague sense of what the picture looked like in my head, but I was exactly sure how to cause all the pieces to fit together to replicate that image. English composition has taught me the necessary mechanics to complete this writing puzzle. The creation of a thesis statement, the difference between narrative and persuasive essays, and organization are the elements of the puzzle which have assisted my growth as an academic writer during this
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If I do not have all of the pieces or a nice solid surface on which to work my puzzle, I will not succeed. The same is true of the writing process. I previously did not understand what a thesis statement was, why I needed to create one, or why it was important. In module two we learned about the thesis statement, how that is a specific clam about something being written about(Learning Source). I have learned that it sets up the purpose and direction of every piece of writing and serves to keep me on track and focused on the goal of the paper. I also learned that the thesis can be revised to accommodate the new picture that has evolved through the writing process. This concept seemed very foreign to me during my narrative writing because I assumed that I had to make my paper fit my thesis. My folly became clear when Professor Anderson provided feedback on the initial draft of my narrative essay stating that my thesis was no longer matching my paper and needed revision and focus (Anderson, Personal Conversation). I also worked with the writing center coaches to acquire more aid and clarity on why I could not make my paper to work. As with the puzzle, I learned that cannot put two different pictures together and expect them to fit; I was trying to put too many concepts into one paper. Once I revised my thesis and focused it to a single vision, I was able to effectively revise my narrative essay to match that vision, reflect on what I learned from my experience, and articulate a more global lesson for my

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