The Reduction Of Cd4 + T Cells Essay

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1. Introduction

HIV and AIDS were first discovered in the United States in 1981 and since then more cases have been reported (Epidemiology and Disease , 2001). To date, more than 35 million people around the world are estimated to live with this virus. In 2013 alone, about 1.5 million people died because of this virus (Nathan W. Cummins, 2015).
HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus which targets the white blood cells, thereby disabling the immune system (CD4+T cells and macrophages) from fighting infections. The replication of this virus within the human body results in the reduction of the immune system cells, leading to a lower CD4 count, that is, the number of CD4+T cells in the immune system (Matthew D. Marsden 2013). This reduction of CD4+T cells is what results in AIDS.
AIDS which stands for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome is when the body has completely lost its ability to ward off infections; hence infected people are more susceptible to getting diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis and influenza. This ultimately results in death. Therefore if HIV is cured, which I believe it’s possible, AIDS can be prevented and no deaths can occur due to it.
2. Eradication of HIV and AIDS
Since the discovery of this virus and syndrome, more and more scientists spend numerous hours in laboratories in search of vaccines and solutions. A number of approaches for HIV eradication are currently being investigated. Some of these approaches are categorised as gene therapy and…

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