The Recreation Center And Wellness Center Essay

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I interviewed John Cummings whom is the Associate Director of Washburn’s Student Recreation & Wellness Center. Cummings received his Undergrad in History at Northern Arizona University and his Master’s in Public Administration from Drake University. I purposely selected Washburn’s Recreation & Wellness Center because that is the gym I personally use and did not know much about the managerial details and the overall statistics about the people that exercise at the Rec. The Recreation center is unique because it provides a different social atmosphere to over 500 students daily all who have made the conscious decision to come to exercise. The rec is not for athletic team practices and physical education classes its open to all students and staff on campus. Resulting in a diverse group of people with different physical abilities seeking physical and mental growth as well as social interaction in health centered surroundings. Since the recreation center is free for all students instead of advertising they rely more on social aspects for promotion they host social events such as Rock the Rec and the Lock In to get students interested in what the gym can offer to people. Although the Recreation center does not keep track of dropout rates they do notice two peak periods when people start to work out. The first is the begging of the fall semester which is typically when people want to try out new things and are exploring the campus and second peak time is January-March…

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