The Reasons For The Civil War Essay

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The Civil War is said to be the most important war in United States history. This is said because not only was a new form of war introduced, but it also introduced a separation of the American people that some believe still exists today. Many problems led up to the start of the Civil War, but the biggest dispute was slavery. After four years of fighting, the war came to an end and the country needed to be reconstructed; not only the infrastructure but the society as well. During this process, there were few successes that accompanied many failures and made the war seem as though it never happened. Before the Civil War began, there were major problems throughout America that caused the war. The first major cause was the Dred Scott decision. In 1857, Dred Scott sued the Supreme Court for his freedom (Foner 493). Before, he had traveled with his owner to Illinois, where slavery was prohibited, from Missouri. When he returned to Missouri, he claimed “being on free land had made him free”. After the trial took place, the Supreme Court declared that only white people could be citizens of the United States and that blacks had no rights (Foner 493). This decision outraged Northerners, which greatly contributed to the election of Abraham Lincoln and the separation of the states. The next problem was, southerners wanted to keep slavery and northerners did not. Abraham Lincoln came into the picture during the late 1850’s, right before the 1860 election. He started running for…

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