Civil War Outline

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The Civil War was one, if not the most significant war in United States history. The war was started by slave debate in 1820. The state of Missouri wanted to become a slave state. The Missouri compromise of 1820 led to the agreement that Missouri would officially become a slave state. Texas which was a part of Mexican territory became a slave state since the English settlers brought slaves into the state. With slavery present it led to the Mexican American War. They settled with Texas as a slave state and California as a free state. Ulysses S. Grant expected the Civil War.
In 1854 the Republican party was founded after the Kansas Nebraska Act which opposed southern slave interests. Slaves had no freedom and choices of wage or consumer goods.
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By April 1861 the Confederates fired first on Fort Sumter where the Unions were in control ar Charleston Bay, South Carolina. Lincoln brought Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas into the Confederacy. In 1861 West Virginia separated from the state Virginia. Slavery was still present in Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland and Delaware they never decided to leave the union. On May 1861, Lincoln announced Martial Law and had the entire board of police including the Baltimore mayor. Lincoln was imprisoned many Congressmen including the Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Taney for questioning his judgements. Lincoln was having all the publishers of his memoirs arrested in 1863. The Confederacy proclaimed the first president, Jefferson Davis. He was a US senator from the state of Mississippi. Davis had interests of the cotton in the South that was ran by slaves. The Confederate army chose Robert E. Lee as the …show more content…
The confederacy did not do the same so they didn 't have as many troops. The slaves Made up about ten percent of the Union Army. They fought the Battle of Gettysburg which was worst than the previous battles killing 8,00 soldiers on both sides. The Union army lost the battle and Lincoln went searching for someone who would lead them to victory.
The Union army never won battles because of their lack of good leaders. Abraham Lincoln’s Union became very unpopular because they couldn 't win a battle. Lincoln made a draft available which led to the wealthy paying their way out and the poor staying on the army. Irish workers in Manhattan, New York cause the biggest riot in US history because the wealthy were allowed to pay their way out the military. Grant led the Union to a win in the Battle of Vicksburg and Shiloh, he was soon promoted as the new

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