Essay on The Race That Isn 't A Race

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The race that isn 't a race

Blacks (Africans of all types)
So where do black people fit? You are probably thinking r select, B team, right? Wrong.

(There are r select qualities being right on the equator and we see this with all the violence there, but there is more to it than that.)

Here is the thing, Africa is the source of human kind. They are the most ancient race. This means their genetic diversity is greater than any other race.

Furthermore, Africa is a huge continent. So you would expect a lot of genetic diversity when you have deserts and forest.

Do we call Italian and Irish being the same race? Aren 't they both from Europe?

But with Africans, we don 't refer them from the continent they come from. We lump them all together.

This genetic diversity explains why we see them on such extremes. For example, most crime is committed in America by black people, but we also see extremely intelligent, well to do black people as well. We don 't see this with other minorities. Most Asians in America tend to only be in intellectual, high paying jobs. Most Hispanic in America tend to be in manual labor jobs. They aren 't diverse like blacks.

This all goes back to black people have such wide genetic diversity, so you can 't group them in A team or B team.

The X Factor

Middle Easterns
People from the middle east tend to just stick to themselves. They don 't work with other races too often. Without a doubt they are r select (I mean they have multiple wives and their…

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