The Race Beat By Gene Roberts And Hank Kibanoff Essay

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The Race Beat written by Gene Roberts and Hank Kibanoff is a story of how America addresses a primary issue that we deal with today which is RACE. Roberts and Gene trace the evolution of civil rights and the press covering the issues. Through this book the Nations press dives in on the unraveling of decades of ignoring the race issues. The world came to recognize the importance of the civil rights struggle and turn it into a major news event of the twentieth century.
Roberts, a former managing editor of The New York Times, shows how this hopeful equation became a reality in the two decades after World War II. The mainstream press was slow and hesitant to grasp the significance of the civil rights story. They were afraid of the image they would obtain by taking on these stories and were trying not to portray biased thoughts. John Popham, a New York Times reporter who had been covering the south since 1947, remained the only correspondent assigned to the region for a national newspaper. In the post-Brown era, the escalating struggle between civil rights activists and anti-integration protesters became the nation’s most gripping news story. Although these stories were more then often tucked into newspapers and magazines and were never highlighted on the front pages.

The authors go behind headlines to show how a mix of different press workers from different fields and backgrounds revealed to a nation its most shameful secrets and failures and asked its citizens to act. The…

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