Essay about The Quality Of The Hospitality Services

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The quality of the hospitality services constitutes “the ability of a product or service to satisfy the needs, requests and expectation of the client” (Zimáková, 2010). Jones (1998) notes that customers are only concerned that the service is of the standard that they expect. Guests expect the quality of service, which is in conformance to customer specifications, service that is in line with the promise to perform set by the accommodation establishments in all there marketing efforts. Hogan (1994) asserts that service quality is a measure of how well the organization service level matches customer expectations. Johns (1995) notes that it is how the customer perceives the hotel service provider that determines whether the level of service you provide is acceptable. When a service failure occurs, an organisation should put strategies in place to ‘return customers to a state of satisfaction’ (Boshoff & Staude, 2003:9). Griffin (2001:9) and Evans (2002:195) state that organisations should implement a ‘win-back’ programme to return valuable customers lost to the organisation. An organisation should plan ahead for service recovery. If it is successful with service recovery, this can lead to an elevated level of customer satisfaction (Baron & Harris, 2003:64).
In this regard, it is very important that accommodation establishments delivery high quality services in order for them to attract customers or tourists and also for them to facilitate repeat business. The…

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