Different Factors Of Brand Loyalty

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to buying the particular product over the other products. They have a strong passion, and strong commitment and weak liking towards the product.
• Loyalty: By this stage there are strong feelings towards the product. There is sense of deep commitment and passion which is exhibited by the consumers. They like the product, have the passion for it and make a commitment to buy the product.


“Brand Loyalty” is a hypothetical construct and cannot be seen or observed with the naked eye unless we use surveys or questionnaires to understand how strong or weak the consumer feels about the product. In order to measure a consumers’ Brand Loyalty towards a product we must understand the different factors that affect Brand Loyalty.

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This is achieved if the consumer identifies with the brand. The reliance of the consumer is solely a psychological factor since this is a self-conscious feeling that the consumer has about a certain brand.
• Quality of Service – The quality of service that a customer gets while purchasing the product, is one of the most crucial factors that can help us determine brand loyalty. The more satisfied a customer is with the quality of service that is given to them, the more will be the chances of the consumer to buy the product again. In order for a company to succeed in gaining brand loyal customers, they need to pay close attention to the quality of service they give to the customers. This is one of the critical factors that affect brand loyalty.
• Inter-Customer effect – This can also be called word of mouth. If the customer is satisfied with your product, he will knowingly or unknowingly talk about your product to others, influence other people’s decision making. This in turn helps in spreading the word out there to the other consumers that do not even know about your
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In order for a company to progress, they must aim on creating a product that can attract the consumers to be brand loyal. There are different types of benefits that products can have in order for them to be considered to be brand loyal by the customers. Brand loyalty leads to increase in sales, profit margins and a positive word-of –mouth. Also, companies that would like to have consumers being brand loyal to them, must understand the different phases of the customer-product relationship so that they can work on each of the stages in order to increase their chances of getting brand loyal consumers. But the customer’s intuition and their preferences are not the only factors that can help in increasing the brand loyalty towards a product. There are many factors that do affect brand loyalty and companies must also put in an excessive amount of effort in promoting and advertising the

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