Case Analysis: Publix Supermarkets

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On November 8, 1940, George Jenkins, late founder of Publix Supermarkets opened his dream store, the first Publix Supermarket. “A food palace of marbles, glass and stucco, his store included innovations such as air conditioning, fluorescent lighting, electric eye doors and terrazzo floors.” ( Last year, Publix has developed to bring roughly about $28.9 billion in sales. It has grown from a single shop into 1,077 supermarkets across the United States. George Jenkins set out values and philosophies for its billion-dollar company that are still operating to this day and places Publix to be the first quality food retailer in the world. From employees to consumers, the Publix
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In general, 38% of the consumers surveyed for this category had a routine purchase process in which they bought the same products from previous experiences showing customer loyalty to a brand. Many consumers relied on their evoked set in the purchase decision process by purchasing items they were familiar with. For this category, consumer’s involvement contained limited problem solving, in which consumers purchase decision calls for “a moderate amount of effort and time” (Grewal and Levy, 196). The other majority, 38% of consumers, chose their product based on price and value. The remaining, 24% of consumers, had specific reasons for their purchases which we will later discuss in this …show more content…
He attributed all this to the cheap price and the fact that he knew what he was getting, perfectly characterizing the wine as part of his evoked set of choices. The next customer, a college student, went straight to Franzia boxed wine, proclaiming it for its extremely low price and large quantities. Although it didn’t seem clear how often the customer purchased wine, it seemed clear that this customer only purchased Franzia. The next customer, a middle-aged woman, much more clearly fit the profile of someone who buys the product less frequently. Although she had a decent amount of knowledge of the wines being sold, she still looked around for a minute, but ultimately decided on a Cabernet due to her familiarity, but mainly it seemed due to the sale on said

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