Case Study Of Hotel Pulau Labuan 2

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The problem that occurred in Hotel Pulau Labuan 2 is probably their foods and beverages which the quality did not reach the expectation or needs and wants of the customers. There’re actually a few ways to solve this problem which is make sure the ingredients used are fresh enough to serve, they have to ensure that the standard or quality of the food is high therefore the customers doesn’t complaint about the foods are too expensive because it worth it. The chef have to be really careful when choosing the ingredients to avoid ingredients that is not fresh. The chef or hotel do can provide service that allowed customers to decide the taste or way to cook for their own dishes. The chef try to fulfill every customers needs and wants. This service …show more content…
Some companies send permanent worker to have a training. The return for the training is good feedback from the customers and attract them to come back again and at the same time they will automatically become that particular company’s free …show more content…
Quality services can offer a good experience to the hotel customer exceeds their expectations and contribute long-term relationships (Shostack, January - February 1984). The marketing’s manager use blueprint to promote their hotel by offering new and improving services in which they organize some events for attracting customers to spend in the hotel during Father’s Days. The restaurant prepares attractive dinner set for their customers with affordable price. Their slogan for the event is ‘To become a father is not difficult, BUT TO BE A FATHER IS’.
Besides, marketers can repackage the existing service. The purposes of repackage the existing service is to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Marketers can repackage the services and it will actually influence customer judgment toward Hotel. For example, Hotel Pulau Labuan 2 gets response from the customers in which the time for registration is longer. Thus, The marketing’s manager take the fast action to comfort the customers by giving the customer a cup of free coffee to appreciate them for willing to wait for the process of

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