Trends And Trends In Hospitality

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The Merriam-Webster Dictionary (2003, p.601) has define hospitality as "hospitable treatment, reception or disposition". According to Walker (1999), hospitality management is the comprehensive term for the business management discipline which include the provision of hospitality-related services to travelers, visitors and local residents. Hospitality is an substitute of human which is to enhance the relationship between parties through accommodation, food and beverage (Brotherton & Wood 2008). Indeed, Slattey (2002) says that hotels, restaurant, bars and other hospitality venues are businesses where the critical relationship is between sellers and buyers.

According to Oxford Dictionary, hospitality has define as "the reception and entertainment of guests, visitors or strangers with liberality and good will." Hospitality not only include hotels and restaurant but also include other kinds of institutions that provide other types of services to people that away from their home. Those institutions might include private clubs, casinos, tourist attraction, resorts and so on. Nowadays, hospitality is an industry that keep on expand and
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Trends in the hospitality industry usually start slowly in the beginning follow by gain popularity but not happen in a day or month thus long term trends provide most benefits to the owners. For example in hotel industry, every guest deserve to get a clean guest room no matter how much they pay for the room. A warm friendly welcoming drink and greeting from the hotel staff will be appreciate by the guests once they check-in to the hotel. By leaving some positive impression to the guests once they check-in by welcoming drink and wet towel or simple two-minutes massage will encourage they come back for next stay (Hotel Managers Group, 2013). Nowadays, more people are travelling make the future of this industry looks

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