Wal-Mart: Customer Feedback Strategies

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To meet the customer requirements you need to the market research in which you need to improve the quality and standard with the values and service you are providing.
a) Customer feedback is needed to overcome the issues and and concerns of a customer with a company or its product, a customer may dissatisfied with your product and tell five or six people about his bad experience which would harm your company business. Feedback allows you to correct the weakness of your products. When you receive feedback from customer, it will help management to take decisions on a product or service you are providing.
C) By understanding the customer needs and developing direct feed from customer in a market place for the research you need or to determine
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Wal-Mart uses two main types of market segmentation. The first type is geographically, which is ranked as one of the oldest methods of segmentation. Geographical segmentation is grouping customers based on their physical location. The second type of segmentation is based on the age of customers in a given area. In this type of segmentation, the company makes to taste their sales from their customers, depending on their age.
Wal-Mart to provide targets customer market to sell its products and services, a target market can be grouped or classified based on five main aspects namely product, demographic, geographic, customer behavior, and customer attitudes. Wal-Mart is the main marketing strategy is to offer products to consumers at a lower sales volume, designed to achieve low income.
a) The quality service of an organization refers to the expectations and concerns of the customers and responding to their needs immediately. Many business organizations underestimate the importance of customer satisfaction and the quality services while focusing on quality of product.
b) Great quality customer skills are beneficial for every company, when a customer has a good experience he will go to other people and tell everyone knows about you.
Quality services are implemented and monitored
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For consistent service standards of an organization there are seven potential sources:
1) Management
2) Employees
3) Competitive information
4) Regulatory authorities
Management: Data management steps away. However, management does not only depend on the input - existing customers would be a better starting point.
Employees: employees interact with customer’s everyday so they are very valuable source of information and will expect to contribute in the process.
Competitive information: mystery shopping and monitoring competitor’s websites and literature can reveal useful input
Regular authorities: The activities of some types of businesses are governed by a regulator who sets service standards that must use.

Standards are reviewed to meet and discuss the problems and agree on actions to solve these problems and the requirements for the company. The purpose of each review is to assess the effectiveness of the emerging requirement standards and to make recommendations for improvements.
1) Verify - the requirements as stated realistically

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