Gilletts Case Study

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The results of a store or company can be measured in different ways showing how well you are doing in different aspects of the business. You can look at figures and numbers or the satisfaction of your customers and staff. Gilletts uses end of day, week and year to measure their sales results against the previous year’s results. They are also able to measure the results of their training by using the results of the sparkling service, serve legal and quizzes staff are asked to do when being updated on their training. They can measure the quality of their customer service by talking to customers, suppliers and staff. You can also measure how good your customer service by looking at your customers habits. Customers who are impressed with
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Gilletts put a lot into staff training this includes, challenge 25, sparkling service and an extensive training folder for new starters going through work safety, customer service, theft, security and produce procedures
Staff must be trained in all aspects of the job to fullfill their role properly and to get it “right first time”. Phillip Crosby was credited with the “right first time” approach. Right first time should mean zero defects. His approach came up with 4 absolutes of quality Management
1. Quality is conformance to requirements
Every product or service has requirement, an outline of the customers’ needs. When the product or service meets that requirement, it has achieved quality, provided that the requirement accurately describes what the company and the customer really need.
2. Defect prevention is preferable to quality inspection and correction
The second principle is based on the observation that it is nearly always easier, more certain and less expensive to prevent defects than to find and correct them. It saves a lot of man power and cost of inspection and
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A service level agreement is an agreement between supplier and user to ensure both a getting the standard or service they both want and need, making sure everyone involved knows what is expected of them. For example with gillets the service level agreement between a shop and appleby would include things like delivery times, the quality of items, the store providing an order by a certain time. They are mutually beneficial to both supplier and user because they are both independant and a service level agreement helps both to increase the ability to improve their service. These are in place to ensure good customer service on all levels. If one was to not fullfill their side of the contract this would cause inconvienece and damage the relationship for both for example if a store did not complete their order on time the supplier may not be able to deliver the products on time. There is also a service level agreement between the staff and customers, they are expected to deliver a certain standard of

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