The Quality Of Global Education Systems Essay

1381 Words Jan 14th, 2016 6 Pages
A compelling dilemma in today’s society is the quality of global education systems. As the world’s technology advances, the necessity for updates in education has become crucial. The transition from textbooks to computers is one of the leading transformations to become more modernized. Higher rated countries for education’s techniques and the United States’ education’s techniques differ in many different ways. A main motive for the highly ranked countries is making sure what is being taught is up to date as well as making sure the teachers and education leaders are performing at their full potential to provide the highest amount of knowledge to be accessed (Stewart). The United States, however, is lacking in the motivation to proceed in similar steps to provide the best education to their students. In short, the United States provides an inferior education compared to other countries. The Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) is a test administered every three years to selected students all around the world. Countries throughout the world register to test students who are fifteen years of age. After the test is given, these results are gathered from every country and put together in a list from the top to lowest scoring. Specifically in the United States, fifty schools are randomly chosen to participate as representatives. From those fifty schools, fifty students are chosen from each. The exam evaluates students in mathematics, science, and reading…

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