Essay on The Qualities Of A Friendship

1028 Words Mar 9th, 2016 null Page
The need to belong makes us vulnerable to failed relationships. As humans, we crave acceptance and companionship. Some of the qualities that many of us look for in a friend include respect, authenticity, trust, interdependence, similarity, and emotional support. All of which can be exemplified at first interactions, but sometimes become obsolete over time, further leading to issues. My reflection on friendships will focus upon the loss of trust and respect I once felt for people I attributed these qualities towards. I will also give insight as to how my respect and interdependence for an individual lead to it being reciprocated and later transformed into a close relationship. At a young age, my parents pampered me to the extent where I began to find myself confiding in them. Although, being my parents, I saw them as companions, as they showed qualities of emotional support, interdependence, companionship, trust, and respect. According to the qualities I look for in a friendship, I consider my parents to fall in this category. I began to feel lack of trust for them shortly before the start of my freshmen year of high school. Having lived my entire life in Chicago, I held many close relationships. From 2nd to 8th grade I lived solely with my mother as my father had moved to Nigeria to participate in politics. I could tell my mother was contemplating whether or not to move back to Nigeria by they way she would bring up the subject. My father had asked me about how I felt about…

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