The Purpose Of Strategic Human Resource Management

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Strategic Human Resource Management
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Introduction and Purpose

In the 1990s, Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) became prominent in workplaces to help “manage and support long-term business goals and outcomes with a strategic framework” (Boxall, P.M., Mcmahan, G.C., 1992, p. 7). Some of its focuses are longer-term people issues and macro-concerns such as quality, culture and values. Strategic Human Resource Management is often compared to or confused with Human Resource Management (HRM), which involves recruiting and hiring the finest employees and providing them with employment packages (pay, benefits, training and growth). However, SHRM and HRM are
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66). Performance of employees in the human resource department, corporate leaders and employees of a business or corporation works together for the benefit of a company. Performance, compensation, benefits (embodied under Human Resource Management) and successfully fulfilling the business’ mission form the umbrella for Strategic Human Resource Management that aims to keep employees and employers satisfied.

Conclusions Strategic Human Resource Management is fundamental to a company’s success because it strategically manages and supports business goals and mission. Sometimes, Human Resource Management is confused with Strategic Human Resource Management, which is benefit and development-based, but they both are very important necessities for a company’s success. Strategic Human Resource Management became prominent in the 1990s and remaining current of the changes and processes are key for a business’ success. Human resources has strategies in place that include, leadership, talents and high performance. These roles are significant in strategic planning. Although SHRM and HRM are different, they do not fulfill their purposes separately. They are both needed for the strength and success of a

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