The Difference Between Training And Development And Human Resource Management

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In every organization, there are a number of departments and divisions that work together in order to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. One of these divisions are the human resources management or the HRM. The human resources management is the department that is responsible for all personnel-related issues. It includes hiring, making interviews, employing, training, developing, evaluating, managing and terminating personnel in the organization. The main goal of the human resources management is to create a strong human resource in the company that makes it effective and helps it in achieving its goals and objectives. In this essay, the benefits of training and development will be discussed.
1- The difference between training
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One significant distinction between training and development is that training is usually used for employees who do not want to change their jobs, but development is used for employees who aim to get higher and better job than their current one. Thus, the development id much deeper than training. “development differs from training in that it does not occur during a class, it’s what happens after the class that causes real development to occur” (Fitzgerald 1992, …show more content…
Organization decides whether a particular activity is a cost or an investment depending on these aspects mentioned above. If the activity will give an immediate result, with low or normal value, then the organization considers this activity as a cost. But, if the activity requires a considerable amount of payment, will open new potentials for the organization, and will increase the company’s sales in the long-term, then it is considered as investment. Every dollar spent by the organization must have value in return, whether it is instant or it takes time, the company should spend on investments with high returns in the future in order to be efficient and

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