7 Functions Of Human Resource Management

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41. When it comes to Human Resource Management, I would define that as having the right people in right area. If the company did not have this in place, I believe it can result in the company not getting anything done and potentially going out of business. According to Human Resource Management by Mathis, Jackson, Valentine, and Meglich; Human Resource is divided into seven functions. These functions are listed as “strategy and planning, Equal Employment opportunity, Staffing, Talent Management, Rewards” (Mathis 15) and the last two being “Risk management and worker protection, and employee and labor relations” (Mathis 15). A basic overview of these functions listed in the textbook is the staffing, talent management, and strategy and planning …show more content…
Over the course of time, there have been laws to help combat workplace-discrimination; such as race, age, and disability. According to the textbook, one law that combats race discrimination is “Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964” (Mathis 90), which prevents discrimination “based on a person’s sex, race, national origin, color, and/or religion” (Mathis 90). Second, a law in place that combats disability discrimination is the “Rehabilitation Act” (Mathis 101), which requires federal contractor’s to “employ workers with disabilities based on steps outlined in the contractor’s AAP” (Mathis 101). Finally, a law put in place to combat age discrimination the “Age Discrimination Act of 1967” (Mathis 107) makes it illegal to discriminate “all individuals age 40 and over…” (Mathis 107). Having many forms of discrimination in the workplace can create a challenge for the company and there are ways it can be minimized. One of the ways I believe can help is for employees to recognize the rules of fair treatment towards other employees and discrimination towards anyone will not be tolerated. The second way I believe can help minimize discrimination is provide orientation to new management staff about the laws of discrimination and what to keep their eyes out for when working the …show more content…
One of the five ways is to have “women and minorities as members of top management and boards of directors” (Mathis 98). The other one of the five ways is allowing “alternative work arrangements for employees” (Mathis 98).
45. Having gender equality for men and women in the workplace is good to have for several reasons. One of the reasons to have it is for the safety of others, where an employee can come to work without having the fear of being treated differently. If this does not exist; I believe it can lead to absenteeism, quitting or a possible chance of employee suicide. The second reason to have gender equality is for the reputation of the company. A business wants the people to know that working at the company is great and they want to attract more employees in the future. I also believe that not having this can lead to lawsuits towards the company and having the chance of being shut down, as well as having a poor reputation could drive away any potential employees and would be detrimental to the company if they are

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