The Purpose Of Education And How Students Can Be Reformed By It From Our Society?

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What is the purpose of education and how students can be reformed by it from our society? Students are consistently asked what they want to do with their lives pressured to fit in and decide in this short amount of time. The real question isn’t “why” or “what” you want to do here in college but is it important to yourself. I’ve seen countless examples of peers explaining how they only go to college to make their parents proud or they don’t have a passion for their major but instead just making money to have stability. Instead of asking us to figure out what we want to be, why not just listen to what we want It 's all about communication in order to get a successful outcome. Education isn’t an easy goal to wish upon in order to achieve it you must work hard for it, and deal with the obstacle and just surround yourself with guidance and support system. I hate school it 's just not for me or am I just really I 'm afraid of the challenge? So many students decided that working is the best option right after high school because you need to make money if you want to be fed and live under a roof. I grew up being conflicted by the people around me facing problems with money and having to work every day just to support themselves. It just made me question what was right from wrong if education was really meant for me. It 's always been like that for centuries education wasn 't important to people because it wasn 't fast enough, you weren 't making money sitting at a desk…

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