The Purpose Of Early Childhood Education Essay

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What is the Purpose of early childhood education?
Early childhood education is the foundation of the young child from birth through five. Children brain development is the most important in this critical time period. When the young child’s brain is being stimulated it prepares children to become greater learners later in life. Lack of stimulation of the mind the child may show a delay based on how he or she learns at an early age. I believe social interactions is very important because, when children are learning how to communicate verbal and non-verbal children mimic their environment and peers. Social interaction helps children builds cognition skills which connects to the child’s mental concept and memory of the environment. Building children social and language skills who are delayed in speech will increase children thought process and their way of thinking in the environment. However, when Children begin to understand the concepts of sharing problem solving skills begin to evolve in young children’s thinking process. Early childhood education helps children obtain and maintain social, self – help skills language, cognitive and physical development which, children will use for the rest of their lives.
The ABC model is based off High Scope Curriculum this curriculum is designed to build a child based on their weakness and their strength and prepare them for kindergarten. A is for Aim for the children strong points and weak points. All children develop differently some…

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