Ohio Standards: A Short Summary And Analysis

Ohio Standards Ohio Standard one (Students) states that teachers understand student learning and development and respect the diversity of the students they teach. (1.1) Teachers display knowledge of how students learn and of the developmental characteristics of age groups. Ohio Standard five (Environment) states that teachers create learning environments that promote high levels of learning and achievement for all students. (5.4) Teachers create learning situations in which students work independently, collaboratively and/or as a whole class.
Marianist Characteristic Educate in family spirit
Description of Artifact/ Evidence In this semester, I have worked in Pre-kindergarten classroom (3 to 5 years old) with Mrs. Ellen
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(5.4) Teachers create learning situations in which students work independently, collaboratively and/or as a whole class. I think this standard means that the teacher supports the children to work individually or/and collaboratively with a group in the activities in the classroom to create an effective learning environment. As a teacher, you are responsible to develop your students in all domains as possible as you can, therefore, you need to create an effective learning environment by providing opportunities for your student to work together and individual. The evidence shows the teacher selects the activity that the students work together as a group or individual as shown in the Artifact/ Evidence section. The children sit down on the table and draw in the stencil book together or individual in another evidence, so the teacher creates an effective environment for all the children to learn, develop, and enjoy. The children working together help them to earn new skills; on the other hand, working individually increases their independence and responsibility. Developing an effective learning environment promote the children in all domains such as social/emotion, cognitive, and language domains. Therefore, this evidence has a connection with Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards that demonstrate socially …show more content…
Now, I knew what is the best activities help Pre-kindergarten children to develop by giving them the proper challenge to learn. In addition, I knew how I can be closer to the children to notice their weakness and strength in order to create activities and plan that proper with their ages to help them to develop in their weakness and foster their strength. Also, as an educator, I learned from this standard and evidences that creating the learning environment is very important for the children with respect for their differences. I learned that creating effective environment fosters the children to work individually to be independent, and work collaboratively to be a member of a group and communicate and make relationship with others. Moreover, I learned working with children with love and respect and encourage the children to love and respect each other. This environment can create a family climate inside the classroom and helps the children feel safe as they feel in their

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