Essay on The Psychology Of Success By Carol Dweck

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Fixed and Growth Mindsets as They Relate to Leadership

This paper will discuss concepts from Mindset, the psychology of success by Carol Dweck as it relates to nursing practice. In addition to Mindset, I will take into account the works of Julia Haager and Shaunna Smith addressing how they have a pivotal role in both nursing and my own personal practice. I will conclude the paper disclosing how reading the book and understanding its core concepts have aided in my own personal growth and change in thoughts.
Definitions, Background, and Major Concepts
Carol Dweck (2006) has cultivated an idea that two, very differentiated mindsets exist among each and every authentic and individual man, woman, and child around the world. Dweck suggests, through studying and researching a multitude of populations that each being falls under a fixed or growth mindset. These mindsets depict and formulate how responses, decisions, and personal drive are evolved from within. A fixed mindset illustrates a mindset of believing that we, as humans, are given a certain, tangible amount of intelligence, talent, or skill. A fixed mindset individual transitions through life fulfilling their perceived glass-ceilinged potential, and works at making their level of knowledge well known, while carefully and tactfully concealing their faults. Dweck contrasts the fixed mindset with the growth mindset and describes that the foundation upon which it is built, is the belief that intelligence, talent, and…

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