The Psychological Problems With Cellphone Addiction And The Understanding Of Why It Causes A Disorder

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PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS Constantly using your cell phones can lead to psychological issues such as phobia. Nomophobia is a sort of discomfort also known as an anxiety discovered to be caused by non-availability of a mobile phone. This term was created after the realization of the addiction of cellphone. Nomophobia can cause an anxiety disorder in which is being tested within this article. I plan to use this in my article to help introduce to the meaning of cellphone addiction and the understanding of why it causes a disorder. Nonmophobia can cause uneasy habits “An analysis of individuals’ communication (King, Valença, & Nardi, 2010) by means of these modern devices revealed certain acquired habits, including “good and bad” feelings, symptoms and emotions that call for additional investigation. Some of the “good” aspects of these habits are convenience, comfort and availability, while some of the “bad” aspects are pathological dependency, fear and anxiety as result of not being able to use modern devices.”(King 2013). These bad habits refers to texting while driving, bringing your phone to the rest room, Running to the store for 30 minutes and halfway there you realize you forgot your phone and you must turn around to get it. Constantly checking your phone for new texts messages, thinking your phone is ringing but it was just a then looking at the phone you realize it was just a false alarm. There are worse habits compared to good habits when dealing with Nomophobia. A…

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