Essay on The Psychological Problems Of Mothers Who Kill

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This paper will focus on the psychological problems of Mothers Who Kill. My research will also include some cases to show the high and low points of psychological illnesses. We will focus on three illnesses; Bipolar disorder, Postpartum psychosis, and Schizophrenia. There are more than just three illnesses that will cause a mother to murder her child, but we will only focus on three. Each of these illnesses has their own symptoms, and treatments, that will be discussed. We will also discuss some other reasons Mothers Kill, such as marriage, stress, and anxiety.
What is a Psychological Disorder?
“A mental illness is a condition that impacts a person 's thinking, feeling or mood and may affect his or her ability to relate to others and function on a daily basis. Each person will have different experiences, even people with the same diagnosis.”(Barrett, 2009). Most mental health conditions begin with the preteen stage. Adults with a mental disorder will not usually pay attention to the signs. Women are more likely to have a mental illness than men. “Among children under age 5 years in the United States who were murdered in the last quarter of the 20th century, 61% were killed by their own parents: 30% were killed by their mothers.”( Resnick, P. 2011). Women who kill their children are usually in their early 20’s or late 30’s. “In the case of neonaticide, d’Orban confirmed an association with unmarried status and younger mean maternal age and found a lack of…

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