Misconceptions Of Veganism

Since the creation of man, humans have consumed animal products for either survival or just plain taste. When the word vegan or vegetarian gets brought up many people retaliate in either fear, or curiosity. An assumption has swept the globe in the sense that when someone brings up the fact they do not consume animal products most people believe they are sick and weak. On the contrary, that belief holds no truth. Vegans have optimal health in comparison to meat and dairy consumers. Due to in depth research and data, veganism has been confirmed as a sufficiently healthy lifestyle that debunks the myths that have surrounded it for years.
Protein intake remains the most common question all vegans receive from the opposition. The idea that meat,
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In “Would We Be Healthier with a Vegan Diet?” scientist, Nancy Rodriguez, responds to Campbell that vegans lack vital nutrients. She states, “Individuals who stop eating meat and dairy products are at risk of not getting enough calcium, vitamin D, protein, vitamin B12 and iron in their diets.” Her statement implies a biased response because she fails to include people can obtain these nutrients through non-animal food. The vitamin B12 can come in supplement form and also in fortified plant milks, cereals, and even organic fruit lightly covered dirt. Also green vegetables contain excellent sources of calcium, iron, vitamin A, C, and K. Vitamin D easily comes from the sun. Plants provide efficient amounts of nutrients because their composition comes from nature that fuels health and …show more content…
A standard “heart-healthy” animal based diet consist of lean meats, but with little fat comes cholesterol. Vegans do not have to worry about cholesterol because cholesterol only comes from animal sources. The belief that meat, dairy, and eggs keep a body lean and strong show the poor health of many people, especially looking a western diets. The article “Top Cardiologist Sparks Debate by Recommending Vegan Diet,” highlights a prestiged Cardiologist, Dr. Kim Williams, who promotes a vegan diet after significantly lowering his bad cholesterol from a supposedly “heart-healthy diet” of animal products. Williams states, “Anything someone does to move away from the Standard American Diet will make a huge difference in terms of diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and heart disease.” Saturated fat also resides in animal products. The increased amounts in the body no matter how small hold linkage to heart disease where arteries clog with fat and plaque. Vegans consume healthy fats that include nuts, seeds, and avocados. If they do not rely their diet on processed foods and oils then they significantly decrease their chance of food related diseases. The argument that meat contains important nutrients like iron and B12 exemplify a safe way for people to eat it, but because of fat and cholesterol the consequences greatly outweigh meat as a sufficient source for these nutrients. Excluding these heavy ladened foods

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