Domestic Terrorist

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In today’s society, there is more and more Americans who are joining terrorist groups. Therefore, the US government need to become more vigilant and understand the reasons as to why these individuals are following extremist groups. Instead of Americans concentrating of Muslims who wear turbans in American, the Federal Bureau of Investigations should also look at every day American men and women of all colors of skin. Although there are many reasons as to why Americans may become a home grown terrorist, following the Islamic terrorist culture could cause American sympathizers to become brainwashed into becoming a domestic terrorist by reading Muslim extremist books, watching the ISIS plights on the news, and by searching and receiving terrorist …show more content…
With terrorist having little or no money to convey their political views to the world, they depend heavily on the media to give them free exposer in order to recruit members. Therefore, in order to help with combatting terrorist activities, the media should reduce the exposure that they are giving to the terrorist groups.
According to Simonsen & Spindlove (2013), even though the media could help with letting the public know that the police and other civil service employees are on the job by apprehending terrorist, they are also making it easy for other individuals to have sympathy for the terrorist. Not only this, the media could accidently alert a terrorist that the justice system is on to them. Hence, “In a free society, the media and the government will invariably clash on what gets coverage and what should not” (p.506).
Also there are news stations who show twenty-four hours a day supporting terroism. According to Simonsen & Spindlove (2013), the Arabic news media named Al Jazeera is “the largest and most controversial Arabic news channel in the Middle East” (p.506). This news media is able to show coverage all of the world, twenty-four hours a day to Arabic speaking people who have satellite

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