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Opinion essay about euphemisms instead of using the word terror:
How would you feel if you read an article about the poor Palestinians who have been attacked by the Israeli army? You would probably feel pity for them and despise the Israeli army. Now, imagine reading about a terror attack towards Israel. As a response, the Israeli army attacked the terrorists who've committed the attack. Now answer the question again, how would you feel about this situation? The media can use different terms when describing the exact same situation. As mentioned in Daniel Pipes article "avoiding the T-word", what's causing the media to avoid the term terror is a combination between the sympathy for the Palestinians and intimidation by
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When the media abstains from using the word "terror" and uses euphemism instead, it is actually gives terror a justification. When the media is referring terrorists as attackers or rebels it gives those terror actions a purpose. For example, the definition of a rebel is "a person who resists any authority, control, or tradition"( This definition makes us realize that the rebel might be depressed and wish to bring a change to a certain situation. In contrast to rebel definition, there is no universally agreed-on definition of terrorism, but one thing is agreed by all, it is immoral and has no justification. If so, why won't the media call it what it is? Terror! In this case, when reporting on a terror attack, people and more important, governments and international organizations would immediately criticize the act and would not think twice before saying it is wrong and forbidden. They will have no other choice. Second, using those euphemisms is misleading the public and obstructs clear and honest reports of what's happening around us. The media should stop its' desperate attempts to be politically correct and report news properly. Moreover, it is preventing the public from formulating a solid opinion based on honest information. The media should be responsible and be objective when broadcasting the news. The intent should be to inform and to present the facts as they appear to happen. We as individuals can and

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