Argumentative Essay On Sports Cars

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To some people, cars are more than just the sum of their parts. Ever since 1970 the United States Government has been placed crippling restrictions on sports vehicles. On December 2nd, 1970, Congress voted to pass a bill that would establish the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate and standardize the auto industry in order to protect the environment from pollution. From 1970 until now there have been thousands of vehicle emissions and fuel consumption regulations that have put substantial amounts of stress on automakers and their consumers. All of these laws were set in place to help protect the environment and reduce pollution; but now it seems like they are just more excuses for the government to tax you.
I recently watched a documentary about sports cars featuring Eric Bana, Jay Leno, Dr. Phil, and Jeremy Clarkson. The film strived to demonstrate that some people don’t see cars as just modes of transportation; they see them as living beings. Eric Bana used to have a 1974 Ford Falcon XB Coupe that he had ever since he was fifteen. Eric puts his blood,
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The EPA was founded in 1970, and within the first 18 years of service the EPA has set all of the base standards for all tiers of vehicles (Office). That was all it needed to do; but over time the agency has kept tightening their restrictions and setting their unrealistic standards so high that automakers cannot keep up. The EPA should not focus on the vehicle population and its effects on the environment. Instead, the EPA should focus more attention on major corporations that pollute the environment in order to avoid paying a large amount of cash to properly dispose of their hazardous wastes. The base tiers of pollution control are justifiable, but setting unrealistic expectations to follow is just a waste of time and money, like the electric cars explained

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