The Pros And Cons Of Joining The Military

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Register to read the introduction… This makes some people join the military for the wrong reasons. Some people see these bonuses as free money and they come to realize the military is not as easy as they thought which sometimes make them take the wrong choices to leave the military. Whenever people join the military they have to sign a contract obligating them to stay on the service for the stipulated amount of time and with only limited amount of options for breaking it. I have seen some people claim insanity just to escape from their duties. This is because they didn’t know what they were getting themselves into and just look at it on a financial way. The military is sending the wrong message to people on what to join with in my opinion should be not for money, it should be for patriotism and the will to serve your …show more content…
I am very proud of the time served in the military and believe that more Americans should be part of the service. The United States more proud men and women who want to do their part for our great country. God bless our soldiers.

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