The Pros And Cons Of Internships

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A company’s success depends on employee’s creativity and the display of their initiatives. However, a majority of companies would like to hire workers with experiences. As a result, internships have become an important part for college students and a pre-requirement for graduates. According to The Atlantic, in the United States, there are around 500,000 and a million unpaid terns every year (Thompson). This situation also exists in other countries and regions. Jennifer, she is a Chinese girl who had been studied in Japan. She used to study in the University of Tokyo and the major is Accounting. After graduated, she handed the resume to Enjoy Hotel, which is a well-known hotel located in Japan. She applied the position of accountant …show more content…
She was not only very stingy but also very picky. When Jennifer came into the hotel, she burden of all kinds of work list. She was doing the work of two interns, she had to be responsible for varied duties, included organizing account books, updating spreadsheets, photocopying, and running personal errands for other paid staff members. Although these works did not exceed her work ability range, but the quantity was excess. Ashley told Jennifer that if she did not finish these work, she could not pass the internship or she could not get the reference from her. During the working time, she was running the personal errands for the other paid staff members, because she wanted to leave a great impression on them to prevent them for rating her out. She could pass the internship also depends on the paid staff members’ evaluation. Through her hard work and persistence, she performed well and past the internship. At last, she continued to work as an accountant in the Enjoy …show more content…
As a temporary intern, Jennifer was not covered by workers’ compensation insurance. It is likely that she gets injured, however, this would prevent her from being compensated for injuries.
However, it is acceptable that Jennifer is unpaid because this job is temporary and she did not have any relevant experience before. Also, in some ways, unpaid internship is good for both firms and students. On one hand, an outstanding intern can help the firm to do the work for free. On the other hand, through internship, interns can gain valuable experience and some of them can get a foothold in an enterprise where they desire to work. It is very likely that interns who perform well would get the job or receive a recommendation letter from the company.
To sum up, although unpaid internships are indeed legal in many countries, some firms’ treatment to unpaid intern is not ethical. For interns, they should have a clear oral or written contract with the firm, including duties, medical insurance or any allowance. For employers, they should give them proper tasks and other staffs should not take advantages of these

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