Essay On Everyday Feminism

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Do you want to become a feminist? Before you answer that inquiry, it is imperative that you first understand what that really entails. Any mention of feminism may bring about a groan of annoyance from some. The movement provides a great amount of controversy in this day and age, largely because its message is often misconstrued or altogether wrongly portrayed. Media sources tend to focus on the negative aspects of feminism without taking into consideration what beliefs and ideals it actually stands for.
So, what exactly is a feminist, then? Is it a gaggle of shirtless, dreadlock-sporting, cisgender, white women screaming “Free the nipple!” and pushing for the elimination of all males? Perhaps, to some extremists, it may be; however, that radical “white feminism” does not represent the movement at all. According to Everyday Feminism, “[f]eminism strives to end the discrimination, exploitation, and oppression of people due to their gender, sexual orientation, race, class, and other differences and supports people in being free to determine their own lives for themselves” (Kim). It does not condone the hatred of men and,
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Such people are referred to as “white feminists,” and it is crucial to understand the differences between them and actual feminists. White feminists tend to ignore problems faced by anyone who is not a cisgender, able-bodied, upper-class, white, and otherwise incredibly well-standing woman. While the issues they often focus on, such as the wage gap and inequality between men and women, are still important, they are not the only significant setbacks our society faces today. Because of its failure to recognize the struggles of numerous marginalized groups, white feminism does not qualify as tried-and-true

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