Goals Of Feminism

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"You throw like a girl!" the young boys shout out to other boys alike who throw the ball just short of the target. "You hit like a girl!" "You run like a girl!". That is the ultimate insults for boys, isn 't it? To be compared to a girl. What is so demeaning about doing something like a girl? When did this insult start to carry so much weight in the society of young boys? If you do something like a girl, wouldn 't it mean you are doing it well? As well as anybody else? Girls can run fast, throw far and hit hard. Why is doing anything like a girl still a bad thing? By definition the term "Feminism" means "the advocacy of women 's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economical equality to men." The keyword of …show more content…
The better the idea, the more power it has, the bigger the criticism becomes. That being said, Feminism must be quite the powerful idea because it has a load of critics. The majority of these critics are the ones that have been completely uneducated on what Feminism really is. I 'll say it once and I 'll say it again, Feminism advocates equality. Participants of what would be called Anti-feminism have almost entirely flipped the main goals of Feminism and created their own definition of what it means. To the incorrectly educated people Feminism is the desire of women to take over the world. They believe the feminist movement provokes men and seeks to harm or oppress them as an entire gender. To the Anti-feminist the beliefs of feminists are over exaggerated and incorrect as a way to encourage misandry. With the right research I 'm sure even the ones of anti-feminism will see that these inquiries are …show more content…
With the riots and protests, Feminists are perceived as these insane, power hungry women. Feminism is misunderstood and commonly thought to be the act of completely flipping the patriarchy of sexes to where women are the dominant gender. The media has the ability to benefit certain social activities, but like anything, certainly has its disadvantages. With the already very present bad reputation Feminism obtains, there is an actual group representing themselves via Social Media called the Women Against Feminism. Their title alone holds a persuasive weight, a first thought for people reading it would be that it 's acceptable to be against Feminism, even if you 're a woman. The thing about this group though is that their ideals and pleas about why they are against the movement are all wrong. They are completely wrong, so wrong it 's a bit embarrassing. How about an example, a quote from a WAF post, "I don 't need 'feminism ' because I love masculine men like Christian Grey." This group, unfortunately, is very well known. Some poor saps are reading these and probably agreeing with these women because they are so uneducated on what Feminism really advocates. But can someone tell me where in the definition of Feminism it says that men can 't be masculine? Who told you that Feminism will take over the world and all men will be our weak little pets?

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