Does Technology Outweigh The Disadvantages Of Technology

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It can be said that technology is rapidly spreading throughout the world like a wildfire. It is the way forward and is the key to the future. Technology has a vital role to play in today’s society, fixing some of the most significant problems that the world is faced with such as diseases, global warming and crime. Along with its benefits, it may also have serious economic and social risks. The disadvantages of technology usually do not outweigh the advantages but some people are usually gravitating towards the negative side of things and completely ignoring the positive. Technology has improved so many aspects of our daily lives and also the way that businesses operate, it is never static and there are always technological breakthroughs on …show more content…
The electric motor receives energy from a controller, which maintains the amount of power based on the driver’s use of an accelerator pedal. Electric cars are powered by energy saved in the built in rechargeable batteries, which are recharged by common household electricity (Berman, 2014). For most parts of the world, electricity can be found almost anywhere. Electric cars require electricity to operate but has a big cost advantage over vehicles powered by gasoline engines. Seeing the obvious efficiency that electric vehicles have over internal combustion models, the cost per mile of electricity to fuel is approximately one to three. And because electric vehicles do not have exhaust systems and don’t need oil changes, maintenance costs are lower (Berman, 2016). The impact that electric vehicles would have on business would be nothing less than good, especially for businesses that have to deliver transport goods to their customers. Businesses would no longer need to account for gasoline charges or high maintenance charges which would then increase profit for the business. Even though electric cars are more beneficial in the long run, they still have some downsides that must be put into perspective. It must be evident to the world by now that technology is not perfect, which is why it is always changing and upgrading to get better. Electric vehicles come with a few disadvantages such as poor mileage, higher purchase costs and longer refueling times. Mileage can be defined as the total distance travelled in miles on a certain volume of fuel or in this case, electrical charge. Electrical cars to date can travel up to 290 miles on a single charge while on the other hand, cars with gasoline engines today can travel over 500 miles on a full tank and refill at a gas station and go again. But because electrical cars are not available on a large scale as

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