The Pros And Cons Of Education Vs. Education

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“Education is beautification of the inner world and the outer world”(Amit Ray).

Americans are inclined to see education as something valuable or important for the chance

to acquire skills, learn about new concepts, and a way to better oneself. This idea

encourages us to think that we all are really created equal and the way to success is

brought upon individuals drive to be more successful. Throughout history, the American

school system has tended to focus on schooling more than education. To improve this

ongoing problem the American school system needs to start by finding what is causing

people (students and teachers) to be bored in school, focus on liberal education over

schooling, and letting people (students and teachers) have free will.
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In Gatto’s quote he states that if the school

system challenged its students with the “grown-up material, that they clearly avoid, it

would help make the learning process more interesting. The schools avoid this because

they want to look over and regulate a population purposely in order that the government

might go on unopposed and corporations acquire obedient labor. Because when you

compare Schooling vs. education, it can be thought of molding students in producers and

consumers vs. having critical thinking and helping them be better critical thinkers. The

Puritans view of school is, in fact, a great example how us the colonials do our schooling.

Education was important to the Puritans “divines” because it was a source of order, control,

and discipline. Which relates to today’s schools or us the “colonials”, in our goal to

create a general and uniform system of education. Encouraging Education instead of

schooling will bring the best qualities out the students as well as the teachers. This will

create curiosity, adventure, flexibility, etc.

Schools and colleges are being affected by a world overwhelming distractions. “ he

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