Prejudice And Discrimination In The United States

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In the United States many non-oppressed or non discriminated against people believe that racism and prejudice stopped after the civil war and civil rights movement. Segregation and blatant outright bigotry cease in our daily lives. Black people can marry white people. There is affirmative action that helps lessen the discrimination and segregation. It is not politically correct to be outright racist and use racist terms. Many people from different races believe that racism ceases to exist because of these factors. These people believe we the “minorities” have equal opportunity just like the majority. We can go to any college and we no longer have laws against what we and cannot take part in.Though this maybe true, I beg to differ that we are …show more content…
All of a sudden they had a strong prejudice towards the whole group because of the one person 's actions. Since September 11, 2001 there has been tremendous tension between some Americans and muslims. Radical muslims terrorized our nation and many people decided to criminalize the whole religion instead of just those individuals. A country wide prejudice came into play where they harass muslims dressed in religious garments, accuse them of being a terrorist, and become uncomfortable every time a religious prayer is announced. In Muslim-American Running Back Off the Team at New Mexico State, a star tailback, Mummar Ali, of a football team for several years faced this prejudice. The coach of the football team “questioned him about Al-Islam and al-Qaeda” (pg 271). Apparently the muslim football player partook in religious discrimination. Just like black people, muslim people are discriminated against in daily life. Employers think twice about hiring because of their religion, While black people are pulled over then frisked and searched for simply being black, people who practice islam are harassed and tormented by the TSA while at airports. Muslima girls who wear headscarves are told to take them off or people rip them off them. Mummar Ali was kicked off the team simply because of fear of his religion. Muslim people are seen as the new dangerous group. Islamophobia is not broadcasted in the media but there is underlined elements of it that people refuse to

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