The Role Of Racial Discrimination In The United States

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In the united states, today many Americans and non-Americans are faced with constant racist slurs, movements, and ignorant people attacking them because of their skin color and because of their religious beliefs. Did you know that four out twenty-five students report racial incident that has happened to them? Or that only 146 cases of racial harassment were filed? Or how only eighteen percent of minorities dropout or in otherwise one-hundred and eighty minorities dropout of college a school year? But out of all that only seven percent of minorities dropout because of racial incident. All this is can prove throughout numerous cases of racial harassment cases like the three incidents that happen at SUNY at Brockport in the past three years, several …show more content…
This did not do anything but cause more drama on campus between races. Even though there was diversity in the groups there was at large more minorities anti-Trump and more whites pro-Trump. This event let students say what they wanted to say thus, students were screaming out racial slurs because they were angry, but that is bullshit because it didn’t make anyone else tensions ease. Another racial incident that happen in Brockport was when a student wrote “All nigger deserves to die” on a male African American student’s door. This sparked numerous fights across campus between all races. The campus was divided, quiet, and was damn right sad. The campus was like this for a month. Myself was scared to talk anyone that was not a minority because I did not want anyone to get mad and spark a fight. I even had some random student come up to me and interview and asked me if I was offended but when I said no, the student replied, “Your black you should be mad”, but when I replied that that didn’t mean anything. He just assumed because I was African American I should be mad

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