Worth The Wait Analysis

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Worth The Wait?
Across the Nation there are less jobs and more people trying to obtain them, employers are making decisions and choosing from a certain number of candidates, having a college education will give an edge over a person who does not. College is the gateway to higher paying jobs in today’s economy and having a degree is a much needed attribute on any resume. College may be expensive however, it gives people an opportunity to learn about subjects of their choosing and meet new people creating experiences and memories that can greatly impact people 's lives. While the costs of going to college are extremely high and constantly rising, the relationships made and the doors opened by getting an education make college worth it.
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Is it to get a good job? maybe. but the purpose of college is growing up, learning how to deal with people, finding out what their talents and abilities are as well as receiving a degree, all things that last a lifetime. In the past century the american economy was based around farming and agriculture in recent times “The U.S. has been transformed from a manufacturing-based economy to an economy based on knowledge, and the importance of a college education today can be compared to that of a high school education forty years ago (Articles 1).” Most college graduates found Going to college is a beneficial but there is a great amount of student debt and overall stress involved. Students have to focus so much on school and paying for it that they can distracted and take away focus from more important things. Going to a university is not for everyone, as there are many opportunities to learn a trade or skill. many people go to college because they have therefore, they are less likely to benefit from it. Loans are not always worth it unless the major will increase the chances for higher income and an associates degree is cheaper to get and will make the the student better trained and prepared for one specific job and can lead to stable income. In the long run, going to college is important as long as a person is focused on getting a college education that can helps propel them in their field of choice. If reaching the pinnacle of success and …show more content…
school is the door to higher paying employments in today 's economy and having a degree is a greatly required quality on any resume. School may be costly anyway, it gives individuals a chance to find out about subjects of their picking and meet new individuals making encounters and recollections that can extraordinarily affect individuals ' lives. Also, a higher education doesn 't (and most likely never was planned to) ensure anything. What 's more, acquiring a degree is not for

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