The Pros And Cons Of Child Marriage

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Love at first sight is what those of marrying age hope to achieve. The common goal of most people is to find that forever companion. People love to get to know others before making a rushed decision. This is not the case for those living in other countries around the world. Young people today are too independent to allow their parents to choose the life partner because it interferes with the right to choose who he or she loves, the safety, and there is a higher chance of getting divorce.
“One hears that in America the girls are spending more time worrying about whether they will meet a man and get married. Here we have the chance to enjoy our life and let our parents do the work and worrying for us” (Nanda 549). This is the opinion of college
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A lot of thought goes into marrying a child off. For some parents it is a burden. Some choose to marry their child when he or she is still very young. In India and around the world, as well, parents find a partner when their child is small because of the dowry costs. According to the Public Broadcasting Station, “In Southern Asia, 48%, nearly 10 million, of girls are married before the age of 18. The world 's poorest countries have the highest rates of child marriage. Families often marry girls off to lessen their economic burden and provide a future for their daughters.” (PBS). India is currently ranked number 11 on the list of arranging marriages for girls 18 years of age and younger. Once a child reaches of age, the girls must go live with their husbands. Some girls are sent to abusive households because the family finds the girl lacking. “Child brides are more likely to experience domestic abuse, and violence than their peers who marry later” (PBS). In an interviewed transcript between one such couple, Laduram and Chuka, this happens all too often. The girl goes away to her husband’s family and the family feels as though the girl lacks from what they saw years ago. The end results in beating and lies spread throughout the village. This forces the girl to flee back to her family and stuck in marriage awaiting for divorce

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