Teenage Girls Research Paper

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Law and criminality
Why is it important to stop crimes against teen age girls? what are the effects of these crimes on there life?

This report is about the crimes happening against teenage girls nowadays, and how these problems bring restrictions in the life of teenage girls all around the world , in India and in my locality. This report also has a number of solutions that the women as well as men can use to overcome these issues. Problems like gender discrimination, poor job and learning opportunities for girls makes it more difficult for teenage girls to become independent and achieve a position in the world.( MID MARCH)
Why did I choose this topic?
The increasing crime rate against teenage girls has become a very big issue
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A survey says that 1 in the 7 of the girls in developing countries get married before the age of 15 and get pregnant before or, at the age of 20. In many sexual abuse cases related to teen age girls mostly the culprit is a person known by the victim. (march 16 th). (The peoplespeak .org). The UN is one of the main organizations that provides help to countries with high of crime against women. Child marriage is also one of the greatest global issues. In a year approximately 15 million girls are married under the age of 18. Marriages before 18 is not appropriate for the girls nor mentally neither physically, they are not prepared to become a mother or a wife because of being very young.
In most of the cases the bride loses her freedom as soon as she gets married. She has to be dependent on her husband and she is always given very low respect. (girlsnotbrides.org)(JUNE20TH). Approximately 48% of girls in Asia get married before the age of 18.
This is a table that shows the percentage of child marriages in a few countries. Percentage of girls marrying before the age of
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I researched and tried to find the solutions for these problems. I got to know many sad things about India and the world. I studied a sexual abuse case and tried to figure out the reasons for this incident, what precautions can be taken to avoid such situations, and a few actions that the government can take. This study and the solutions provided in it might help in avoiding such situations and help to get over such situations if they have already happened. It also changed my views on other crimes like child marriage and poor educational opportunities for girls , before conducting research I considered them as minor issues but then I came across to what happens when such crimes occur and how they harm the victim teenage girls.(JULY

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