The Pros And Cons Of Alternative Energy Sources

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Register to read the introduction… Solar energy as wind energy is solar energy is a renewable source of energy, as long as we have the sun rays we will have an endless source of energy. Where wind power is using the wind, solar power works by trapping the sun's rays into solar cells where this sunlight is then transformed into electricity (Turk & Bensel, 2011) to production of electricity depends on the weather. Solar power uses the sunlight that reaches solar thermal panels or parabolic mirrors to convert sunlight to heat water to steam used to spin a turbine to generate electricity. (Turk & Bensel, 2011). Solar energy does not product any pollution just as wind power is consider a green energy solar panels or mirrors are used to collect the sun rays to generate energy. Just like wind energy solar energy is depended on the weather but also on the time of day, solar power cannot be used if it is nighttime and cloudy days completely limit the amount of energy produced. Additional solar power stations can be very expensive to build and can be a destructive to the landscape (Thompson, 2011) so in places where sunny days are not abundant solar energy would be an unpredictable source of …show more content…
Each of the above alternative energy source has their pros and cons to their uses and productions. It may take more than one alternative source to replace the use of oil as an energy source if that way the goal is. The challenge will be the acceptance of human to place any alternative fuel source as standard practice f. or energy.

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