The Pros And Cons Of Adoption And Foster Care

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Every child deserves a loving, caring, and supporting home. Every child is not privileged to be born into a home with their biological mother and father. There are some parents that are not blessed to have a child or children. Adoption and foster care are optional procedures for taking as one’s own a child of other parents. Adoption usually means the legal transformation of a child’s familial status, through which individuals permanently assume the major responsibilities of birth parents. Fostering usually means a temporary, mutually agreed upon delegation of caring or educational elements of the parental role, or both. These process are done differently depending on the time, location, and societies. In the United States, the citizens here …show more content…
Foster care (also known as out-of-home care) is a temporary service provided by States for children who cannot live with their families or children birth parents are unable to care for them. Some parents lose their child(ren) because they can overcome an addiction to alcohol or drugs, have an illness, or finically struggling. This is not a place for delinquents or bad teenagers. Foster care can also refer to placement settings such as group homes, residential care facilities, emergency shelters, and supervised independent living. (Childwarefare) Foster care can also be arranged through the court system or social service agency. Just because a child is taken into a foster home, does not mean this is a permanent home. The home of the child can change several times to a care or another house. With the shortage of time at a new house, these children do not bond with the foster parents. Foster care is not a child’s dream to become of and live in forever. Being taken into this home can automatically become stress or cause other problems. This could be such a devastating and difficult moment to go through. These children in foster care have disproportionately high rates of physical, developmental, and mental health problems. Most of these troubles are caused by the lack of attachment to the foster parents. Imagine being separated from birth parents, and the uncertainty they face as they enter the foster care system leaving the feeling of abandonment or lost. Children have many needs, but while in foster care these needs are not always met. These children need a home, like everyone else to receive the attention and fulfill their needs. Foster homes try to create an environment that supports the social, emotional, and developmental growth of children. Many of these children have dealt with maltreatment such as abuse and neglect, which has put them in foster care and has also impacted their developmental and

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