The Pros And Cons Of Foster Homes

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The objector for the solution would be the all the foster home managers or simply just the business. Since the program that will solve the solution of child abuse will replace or get rid of many/all foster homes.
The people working at a foster home will obviously lose their job because let’s just say foster homes won’t be necessary anymore if the program is established. Foster care workers will obviously not agree on placing the new solution, they don’t want to lose their jobs. But as much as people think foster homes are a great place to keep children safe, it’s not! It has been proven that over the years foster homes have become more dangerous for children. Many children in different foster homes are suffering and are being beaten as well.
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Many will argue, but keeping children in good hands is way more important than angry people without a job. Once in a foster home a child was dead and two other children were hospitalized because the people there were not licenced and they did not protect the children as they should. Placing foster homes was at first a good solution that helped many children out especially those in need. But not they are not safe. The foster home solution to protect children has failed. KIds are not safe anymore. You never know what could be going on inside a foster home. Children have died in the hands of a worker that works in a foster home. Placing the program for children being abused would be a great idea that wouldn’t have those problems. The program will have high supervision. And it’s available for any child no matter the race. With more supervision the children will be safe and happy. What kind of child want’s to be living in a place where they won’t be given any attention or where they are being treated like they are not humans. The program will not only be in a certain country but in many. It will be found in places where child abuse is more rare. For example about three million children

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